Who we are

The Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ) is a faith based organization established in 1998, primarily to mitigate and intervene in the pressing needs of orphans and vulnerable children. We work to reflect the love of Jesus Christ through our service to others.


Over the years, the organization has been developing different effective strategies, activities and programs, all of which are intended to achieve its major objectives.  With the de-generation in the social-economic status of the majority of Zambians, the number of orphans and vulnerable children has been ever on the increase.

The situation has also been accelerated by the high incidences of HIV/AIDS and social vices such as alcohol abuse, criminality, early marriages and prostitution among theyouth.

Economic hardships that have rocked most households have stretched to the limit the extended family ties, making many families incapable of taking additional children into the home due to lack of adequate resources to make ends meet.