Transit Homes

TRANSIT HOMES: CACZ operates two children’s homes, namely House of Moses and the Bill and Bette Bryant Children’s home

House of Moses is a rescue home for premature, orphaned and abandoned infants. The home is situated in Chelston Green and is a unique facility that provides 24 hour nursing care to premature and high risk infants, most of whom are abandoned.  House of Moses has a capacity of thirty-five(35)children. Most of the admissions come through the University Teaching Hospital (D Block) where mothers have died in childbirth.  Some are abandoned in the maternity ward by young mothers and others by surviving relatives who have cited inappropriate and life threatening environments in which a child would not survive. Some infants are found in places too gruesome to mention. They are brought by the police, the Department of Social Welfare or “Good Samaritans.” Many babies who are admitted to House of  Moses weigh less than 2.0 Kgs. Although there is no specialized medical equipment, almost all of the babies do survive and thrive.

House of Moses was selected by UNICEF and the United Nations in 2003 as a “Best Practice Model in sub-Saharan Africa. Graca Machel Mandela attended the event honoring House of Moses for receiving a BEST Practice Model Award from the United Nations in August 2003.

Bill and Bette Bryant Children’s home: The Bill and Bette Bryant Children’s Home, located at Plot 678 Off Gardenia, Avondale  is an   oasis  of  hope.  The home  is a community home that cares for orphans and vulnerable children in crisis for a temporally period of approximately six (6) months. The facility admits children aged between 2 and 5 years, most of whom are abandoned or lost. Most admissions come through House of Moses, the Department of Social Welfare and the Zambia Police Service.