FAITH WORKS  CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY SCHOOLS: The program of Faith Works free education provides basic Christian education to children. The program embraces children from all walks of life regardless of their religious, ethnic or gender status although deliberate effort is made to encourage girl-child education.

Faith works is operated by CACZ and the community through participating churches. The uniqueness of this program is in a system of class distribution amongst partner churches. It is designed in such a way that classes take place at different centers, which are church premises or buildings, and a child goes to a particular centre for the first grade and the next centre for the second grade and the cycle goes on until the  child reaches grade seven.

The program started after a challenge was given by the then UNICEF Country Representative Peter McDermott in 2000 who said “There is only one institution that can make an immediate and lasting difference. The church has the mandate, the resources, the presence, the permanency, the expertise and the compassion required to give orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) the rights and assistance they deserve for the chance to mature into responsible citizens.”

Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia accepted the challenge and formed the Faith Works Department, which carried out a number of sensitization meetings in the communities from which the community leaders identified primary education as the priority need of the OVC.

Our faith works community schools are currently operating in Kanyama, Garden and Ng’ombe compounds. In 2004 ‘faith works’ was awarded the VIVA UK awards for its innovative approach to education.