THE FOSTER TO ADOPT PROGRAM: Through this program, CACZ and its various partners have taken up the fostering initiative in an effort to de-institutionalize children and promote domestic adoptions in Zambia. This program is headed by CACZ social workers who work under the authority of government social workers from the Department of Social Welfare who alone have the mandate to place children into foster or adoptive homes. The focus is on having children grow up in a loving home rather than an institution.

The role of the CACZ social workers is to pave the way for potential foster families to be approved and licensed by the government through trainings, home assessments and child assessments. So far, 209 placements of children have been facilitated by this program; 65 families and 84 children have been assessed; and 721 children have been reintegrated into their biological families.

EMBRACE ZAMBIA PROJECT: This project is a Faith Community based child advocacy movement which seeks to spearhead child advocacy initiatives in Zambia by mobilizing and equipping the Zambian church towards adoption, fostering, mentoring and orphan care. This is achieved through awareness raising events in conferences and events organized by churches where members are sensitized about the importance of caring for the fatherless from a Biblical perspective; trainings conducted by various partners to prepare potential foster families spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically before they can take a child into their homes. The project is made up of over 35 denominational church leaders from around the country who facilitate recruitments of families willing to look after the fatherless from their congregations. The project has both local and international partners who are involved with capacity building, resource mobilizing and project implementation. Since its inception this project has facilitated the training of 214 families in Lusaka and Ndola.